Sunday, November 11, 2012

Seeing my ex-Boyfriend last night at the movies was in retrospect, nice. It’s not like we hate each other’s guts, and we’re still friends even though we don’t see or speak that often.
Love White and Black Pijamas
I think I overreacted a little at first, especially because he was with his girlfriend (who, by the way, is no plain Girl). But we chatted a little bit after the movie, and he’s doing really well with school and stuff. So good. :)

But my Girl Friend, possessing the keen insight that she does, could tell I was…affected, even just a little. It’s not easy seeing someone you used to care about a LOT with another person! To be honest, it kind of had me really down on the fact that I’m not dating anyone.

…But agin she, possessing the keen insight that she does, reminded me WHY I’m not dating anyone else right now…because I’m dating myself. Getting to know my ins and outs more, spending time on becoming more comfortable with who and how I am, doing a little soul searching.

And that’s great! Adding all the drama of having a significant other in the mix right now…it’d be a little much. So bumps to my Girl for keeping me focused and on the path to a better me!


  1. Sweetie, you're doing the right thing by moving on. You are bettering yourself in your life whether it's by school, your modeling career, etc, and in the future, you will achieve so much more. I know by experience as to what you are going through, but don't you worry. Soon enough, you will meet the perfect one for you.

  2. Thxs Melvin for sharing your wisdom ;)

  3. You can be my girlfriend anytime...hahaha...Just know you should always be Happy with yourself..Never look for someone else to make you Happy, how can you make an unhappy person happy..So always be Happy in life and look for someone to share in your Happiness...( Trust me it is his loss, to have lost such a Gorgeous, Wonderful, and Sweet young lady like you...I am sure you have men lining up to take his place..)...Missed you sweetie, thanks for the new pic and the blog...Know your busy..Take care and have a great week..Kisses sweetie

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